Murder Mystery Nights at The Kingswood Hotel

Terror beyond belief… Horror beyond imagination and that is just the staff, wait until you come face to face with the MURDERER! Murder Mystery Nights in Fife.

Take part in a Murder Mystery dining experience at The Kingswood Hotel Fife East Scotland

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You have travelled to the shores of Fife with an invite to a large secluded building that, even in the dark, stands out against the hills behind it. The lights from its many windows offer the false promise of warmth and safety as they pierce the darkness of the night. The only sounds you hear bring you no comfort; a lone dog howling at the moon, the wind wailing through the trees and the relentless sound of the waves crashing against the shore. This is a night for MURDER.


The Murder Mystery

Dining Experience

An evening of suspense and fun can be arranged by The Kingswood Hotel for private parties and work nights out.


Book your own Murder Mystery Nights

The Kingswood Hotel are able to hold Private Murder Mystery Nights at a cost of £42pp based on a minimum of 20 diners. Included is a Murder Mystery performed by professional actors and a 4 course dinner. Generally the Evening will start around 7pm for 7.30pm with the mystery being performed throughout the meal. They’re is an element of interaction between the actors and diners and towards the end of the evening the guests are given the opportunity to work out ‘who dunnit’ and why, concluding around 10.30pm. If you were thinking about fancy dress, let us know what theme or era you had in mind and we can arrange for the theatre company to perform a mystery to reflect this.


Festive Murder Mystery Nights

Introduce yourself to the Murder Mystery Dining experience with our Christmas  Murder Mystery Nights. For Christmas 2017, the Festive Murder Mystery nights at The Kingswood Hotel are based on characters created by Charles Dickens in Christmas Carol.

On Boxing Day, following his ‘transforming’ experience with the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future – and in an effort to mend his ways, Scrooge has invited you, his friends and family to his home to celebrate Christmas. But as the turkey is consumed and the Carols are sung, no one is sure whether his good will is real – and not everyone is prepared to forgive the sins of the past.

To find out more about our Festive Murder Mystery Nights and other entertainment for December 2017 go to our Christmas Page.


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