Loch Leven Heritage Cycling Trail

Heritage TrailHeritage Trail

The Loch Leven Heritage Trail in Scotland is suitable for visitors of all ages and abilities. Loch Leven is located in Kinross shire, approximately 31 miles from Edinburgh and 20 miles from Perth. Kinross is the closest town, and there is a bus service from there.

If you are enjoying a stay at The Kingswood Hotel the Heritage Trail is a good day out. Parking is available in the Findatie car park about 20 miles from the Kingswood Hotel. By car, it will take you about 30 min along the A909.

Loch Leven is Scotland’s largest lowland freshwater loch. Located in the heart of Kinross-shire it is one of the most important sites for waterfowl in the UK. It is a haven for wildlife, attracting the greatest concentration of ducks found anywhere in the UK, with tens of thousands of migratory ducks, geese, and swans every autumn and winter.

The Heritage trail is a one-of-a-kind experience that connects natural, historic, and cultural heritage in the area surrounding Loch Leven.

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You will find more details about the Loch Leven Heritage Trail on the Savvy Cycling Website and The Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust website.